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Simple User Interface

No special knowledge relating to computers is required other than a familiarity with computers in general, speed of keyboard operations and familiarity with operating normal software packages. However manual procedures followed with respect to stores and accounting is assumed for personnel who will be performing these activities.

Multi Featured

There are many reasons why Kshethrasuvidham can provide a good solution for your Temple management requirement. It provides you with all the tools you need to automate and streamline your back office systems in one package. It gives you greater accounting accuracy, comprehensive reporting and quick & convenient inventory and billing.

Less labour Works Better

Kshethrasuvidham reduces those operations which involve repetition and extensive labour. Once an invoice is generated you have complete control to edit and customize according to your specific needs, generate daily sales reports and produce quality MIS reports instantly with Kshethrasuvidham you can also keep track of outstanding invoices.

Temples using Kshethrasuvidham