Kshethrasuvidham is an application software for Temple Administration, it makes administration of any temple easier, effective and accurate to automate and streamline all the accounting/administrative activities at the Temple.

Designed and Developed by M/s.Cubix Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Trivandrum based software company in the year of 2000 under the vise control of experienced Temple Administrators, Astrologers, Chartered Accountants, Management Consultants and information Technology Professionals

No special knowledge relating to computers is required other than a familiarity with computers in general, speed of keyboard operations and familiarity with operating normal software packages. However manual procedures followed with respect to stores and accounting is assumed for personnel who will be performing these activities.

There are many reasons why Kshethrasuvidham can provide a good solution for your Temple management requirement. It provides you with all the tools you need to automate and streamline your back office systems in one package. It gives you greater accounting accuracy, comprehensive reporting and quick & convenient inventory and billing.

Kshethrasuvidham reduces those operations which involve repetition and extensive labour. Once an invoice is generated you have complete control to edit and customize according to your specific needs, generate daily sales reports and produce quality MIS reports instantly with Kshethrasuvidham you can also keep track of outstanding invoices.

Kshethrasuvidham software is the result of a combination of rich experience and Cubix’s drive for technological excellence. It makes computerization at any Temple a simple process. Computerization improves services to devotees in terms of speed, efficiency, accuracy, neatness and saves a lot of time. A special feature of the software is that it is highly user friendly with the support of MALAYALAM/TAMIL Panchangam with Birth Stars, Thithi etc, upto AD2075, which supports all Indian Languages like Malayalam/Tamil/Hindi/Telungu/Kannada and Local Calendar ( Sun based and Moon Based). This software is the first of its kind which integrates in all the areas of Temple administration and provide native language interface. This available in Single and Multiuser versions and if required, any customization will be possible based on Deities/Custom and local specialty.

Kshethrasuvidham Architecture

Cubix specializes in building easy to use GUI based web & windows desktop applications. This Kshetrasuvidham software is an end to end solution for temple and related entities in India.

Kshetrasuvidham Software is a modern 3 layer assembly; and can be deployed in 1,2,3..n tier architecture. The existing client application is developed in VB and uses MS SQL for the persistence layer. The web based application is developed with ASP.NET powered by AJAX technology. The application server is developed with C#.NET for certain high performance components.

Kshethrasuvidham Security

Application Profiling and Testing

Cubix has invested a fair amount of resources and time in security testing of the application and its robustness has been borne out by the stellar field performance of the application compared to competitor products. Defensive coding techniques have been employed to eliminate any vulnerability and to ensure a safe lockdown in the case of any unknown breach.

Database Security

Database security relies on physical, procedural and technical controls that are implemented. Clients would need to take appropriate physical access controls and network security/ firewall appliances to restrict access to the servers and other systems. Administrative, procedural systems must be implemented by the client to ensure that accidental / intentional data security incidents are prevented. The application uses access control and authentication mechanisms to restrict access to data to the appropriate users only. Detailed audit logs are maintained in the system automatically to ensure availability of complete audit trails. Data integrity checks are in-built into the application to always ensure a stable state. Encryption is used at the database level so that all data is accessible only through the application and hence the database (incl. backups etc.) are impervious to direct access and remains protected.