Scheduling Managing

Temple managing committee or Trust is the decision making body. Agenda preparation, scheduling, Recording of decision and minutes etc are to be supported by application programs.

    System should have the following features
  • Maintain schedules for meetings
  • Provision for creating the agenda for the meeting
  • Generation of mailers / address labels for informing the members about the meeting date and agenda
  • Provision to capture the minutes of meeting and decisions as action points
  • The decisions should be assigned to employees or committee members for execution
  • Generate the reports on minutes of meeting, decisions and progress of work
    Share Division Management (Pooja Vihidham)
  • Share division to various shareholders and distribution of share amount as daily wages have to be prepare and tracked
  • Maintain Bill of material for poojas / offerings (Qty & Amt)
  • Calculate share based on tickets issued / prasadam distributed
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