Permanent employee’s salary calculations and Contracted labors are also paid their wages monthly from the office. In such case, each post will be pre declare with the wages, and the wages will be calculated in-relation to their attendance. These may be inspected and verified to guarantee compliance of all norms and rules.

Features of the payroll package are as follows:

  • Flexible Definition of Earnings/ Deductions/ Loans/ Perks
  • Calculates Earnings With a Daily Rate
  • Pre-defined Formulae Can Be Applied to Earnings/Deductions/Perks
  • One Time Transactions Can Be Defined for a Particular Period
  • Tracks Employee-wise Loans
  • Loss of Pay Calculated for any Period
  • Payroll Calculation of Suspended Employee Managed
  • Tracks History/Past Record of Employees
  • Flexible Payments of Perks/benefits
  • Personal Income Tax Module
  • Handles All Necessary Statutory Reports
  • Investment Management for Trust Provident Management
  • Employee List
  • Employee Salary Details
  • PF Members list
  • Employee Personal Details
  • LIC Details
  • Loan Details
  • Pay Card
  • Earning/Deduction Component wise List (Before Calculation)
  • Location-wise Employees ESI/Non-ESI Statement
  • Past Employee Details